We Specialize In
High Performance

  • High Performance
    Cylinder Heads
  • High Performance Parts:
    • Cams
    • Spring Kits
    • Valves
    • Gaskets
    • Head Bolt Studs
  • High Performace Jobs
  • Port & Polished Head
  • 3-Angle Valve Jobs


Get It Done Right –
Get It Done Straight!

Cylinder Head Boring
Our new HP6A is the first automated cylinder honing machine capable of honing perfect identical bores! This machine will straighten tapered and out of round bore conditions automatically!

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Other Cylinder Head Services Performed:

  • Broken bolts removed
  • Crack repair
  • Valve seats installed
  • Resurfacing
  • Screw in studs installed
  • Spring pocket enlarging
    for o.s. springs
  • Cut for larger valves
  • Helicoils installed
  • Press in studs
    removed/ installed
  • Spring heights/
    pressures set
  • Aluminum welding
  • Pressure testing
    for cracks
  • Valve guides installed
  • Valve spring
    shims installed
  • Valve guides cut
    for positive seals
  • Mill stud bosses down
  • Line bore most
    OHC heads

High Performance Cylinder Heads
and Cylinder Head Rebuilding


Following are images of some of the High Performance Services we provide.

This page is under development but we didn't want to delay presenting some of the Specialized High Peformance Services available here at Dover Cylnder Head of Jacksonville. We will be adding more information as time permits but until then, here is a brief look at what we can do to take your engine to the next level.

High Performance Service #1 Dover Tech Racing Performance Service
Cylinder Head Optimization High Performance Cylinder Head 1 Ford 302 Head View 1 Ford 302 Head View 2
Cylinder Head 1 Cylinder Head 2 Cylinder Head 3